One Mission, Multiple Types of Pollutant Information


Extremely Adaptive, Unlimited Applications

During a mission, Sniffer4D™ is able to sense multiple air pollutants and sends this data back to Sniffer4D Mapper™ analytic software in real-time.

Pollutant 1

Pollutant 2

Pollutant 3

Pollutant 4

Pollutant 5

Pollutant 6

Use Cases

High Concentration

Low Concentration

With a dimension and weight of 150x134x42mm and 450~600g, Sniffer4D™ can be easily integrated with various ground & aerial vehicles.

For some popular UAV platforms, Soarability has designed mounting kits for them to allow even easier integrations.

Available Mounting Kits

Flexible Solution Delivery Plans

Soarability offers flexible solution delivery options to help our clients successfully integrate Sniffer4D™ into their workflows ASAP

  • Sniffer4D™ Only

    Soarability offers Sniffer4D™ and mounting kits the clients and clients integrate them to their own ground & aerial vehicles.

  • Sniffer4D™ & UAV Platform

    Soarability offers clients fully integrated, ready-to-operate Sniffer4D™ and UAV platform (DJI M100/210/600).

  • Sniffer4D™ & Onboarding

    Soarability offers clients Sniffer4D™, customized integration services for specific vehicles, and on-site training.