Traditional monitoring stations typically only provide for air pollutant concentrations at city or district level, and so it is unknown how the pollutants are distributed within such areas. This lack of information prevents people from making effective and conscious decisions regarding the air quality impacting their work and daily lives. Our team is here to change that.


Soarability Technologies (previously known as SciflyTech) was founded by a group of people with extensive experience in sensors and mechatronic systems development from University of Auckland in New Zealand. We dedicate ourselves to developing advanced ‘nose’ and ‘brain’ for drones and ground vehicles. Our products and technologies enable aerial and ground vehicles to accurately collect, analyze and visualize hyper-local air pollutant information, supporting decision makings by governments, organizations, research groups, and individuals alike.


Our Sniffer4D™ and Sniffer4D Mapper™ have been used internationally in different industrial applications. Users of Sniffer4D include University of Macau,  HKUST, HUST, SINOPEC, BP, many municipal environmental protection agencies in China, and professional drone service providers worldwide. Sniffer4D and Sniffer4D Mapper continue to set industrial benchmarks in this niche environmental market.

Steven Jiang

Founder & CEO

Steven Jiang has more than 7 years of experience developing unmanned systems and sensors. He focuses on product design and leading the company's mission to enable people to better understand the environment using advanced sensor technology & unmanned systems. Steven holds Bachelor and Master of Engineering with Honours from University of Auckland.

Max Tseng


Co-founder & CTO

Max Tseng brings more than 10 years of experience in mechatronics engineering into the team. He has been leading technology innovation and manufacturing at Soarability since it was founded. He has more than 10 patents/patents pending around unmanned systems. Max holds Bachelor of Engineering with Honours from University of Auckland.

Jane Xu



Jane Xu leads supply chain, HR, finance and procurement at Soarability. Before joining the team, she worked at Deloitte & University of Auckland. Jane holds Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science from University of Auckland, and Master of Commerce from HEC Paris, where she gained extensive experience in startup management.